Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mobile Device Fragmentation Here to Stay

Netbiscuits, a leading cloud software service for cross-platform mobile sites, has just released the latest update of its Mobile Web Metrics Report.

The findings are based on 8.5 billion page and content item requests that more than 3,100 different kinds of mobile devices transfer via Netbiscuits every month.

The free report illustrates the need for brands, publishers and retailers to think beyond iPhone and Android when developing and executing a sustainable mobile strategy. There is no one device of choice or golden operating system to focus on in the mobile marketplace. It's the continued fragmentation of devices and the lack of a standards for developing and delivering rich content that makes mobile a moving target.

Key Messages

The analysis of the Netbiscuits figures proves that in order to reach the maximum number of customers, companies must optimise their mobile web program for thousands of devices, and not just the dominating few.

Some of the key learnings of the Mobile Web Metrics Report are:

  • Even though smartphones are technically much more advanced than mass-market feature phones, the figures show that they do not solve the problem of fragmentation.
  • The variety of OS versions in the smartphone market and a growing number of hardware and form factors of devices running the same OS are leading to even more fragmentation.
  • Being hailed as the future solution to the growing fragmentation in mobile, Netbiscuits' analysis of HTML capabilities of top devices in various global markets shows that only a minority are supported.

You can download the free report directly from Netbiscuits.

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