Thursday, October 27, 2011

15 Ways To Improve Your Memory

In this information age we're bombarded with information, ideas, news and data from many sources. The internet has exploded the way we source information and on Facebook or Twitter we're getting feeds that keep growing.

Keeping track of all this information and knowing what to remember, and what you don't need to, can be daunting.

Kim Basin, from Business Insider, undertook a review of articles on Psychology Today on how memory works and compiled 15 ways to improve your memory and boost productivity.

Some of the ways I found interesting are:
  • Try not to conform to the group, because your peers can greatly affect your memories.
  • Keep your stress level down, because anxiety makes you lose focus and concentrate on unpleasant emotions.
  • Look up or close your eyes when trying to remember something important — when your eyes are open, the areas of your brain that are working on vision are kept busy.
  • If you always find answers to questions on the web, you're less likely to commit things to memory
  • Walking can literally grow new memory storage, like sleep does.
If you would like to see all 15 ways to improve your memory, read Kim's article at Business Insider.

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