Thursday, September 16, 2010

Richard Branson's Five Secrets to Business Success

One of the greatest business successes of our time would have to be Sir Richard Branson – not only for the success he has achieved in building the Virgin group of companies, but also for managing to maintain a consistently likeable persona. Something which business personalities like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch or Steve Jobs aspire to, but don't quite achieve.

So an article by Sir Richard in bNet provides insights on what are the 5 Secrets to Business Success. In summary, he lists these secrets as:

  1. Enjoy what you are doing
  2. Create something that stands out
  3. Create something that everybody who works for you is really proud of.
  4. Be a good leader (– read "really good listener")
  5. Be visible.
Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Perhaps the reality is a little more complex, but these ideas resonate at a core level. Importantly, they are a simple approach which when focussed on could be the difference to your endeavour's success.

You can read the full article, and the detail, on bNet.

There's a better looking app for that.

Right now it's all about the App – whether for the iPhone, an Android smartphone, the new Nokias or even the iPad (and the next crop of devices that's going to be generating).

Well, creating good design in an App is critical. Understanding both the form and the function becomes important.

This article from iStockphoto really goes into the detail of what makes a good app. It looks at the different challenges being faced, such as tighter real estate and bandwidth, and how usability needs new thinking.

Want to know what makes a good app? Here's some thoughts from those who know.There's a better looking app for that.