Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Byte to Eat

Have you noticed lately how technology is becoming more involved in the dining process? You're probably familiar with the waiter using a handheld device to take your order and you may even have been to a restaurant which has a screen that allows you to place your order with the kitchen from the table.

According to The Daily's Kayleen Schaefer, this is all about to change again as restaurants look for the next dimension in the dining experience. Think 73m LCD screens that display Twitter and Facebook feeds. Or Blade Runner and Tron style displays and lighting.

Then there's New York restaurant 4Food. They have "a leaderboard that ranks customers’ burger creations. The goal is to make your burger the most-ordered. If someone chooses your creation, you get 25 cents’ credit in the restaurant."

If you'd like to know what the next dining experience will be, read the full article.

The Art of Deception

Every now and then someone does something brilliant to wow us. Such is the case with this demonstration of "magic" by Marco Tempest.

Incredibly innovative and the illusion he presents using 3 iPods is very impressive. Watch to learn how being honest using deception is possible.

A Day Made of Glass

There have been many visions of the future over the years and this latest release from Corning Glass is just as "utopian" as the best of them. If their version of reality comes to pass it would seem we all long to live a "house shaped iPad" world where screens are ubiquitous and we constantly interact with the cloud.

Some of the innovations in this video are incredibly stunning and while, according to Corning, it might be a future where such interactions are commonplace, I imagine the dream they are presenting will be out of the reach of most of the population on the planet.

No doubt the future will contain some of these wonderful ideas; in the meantime we can look forward to seeing what actually transpires.