Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shop With A Conscience at the Salvos

It's official – all the major retailers in Australia definitely have a strategy to go online this year, if they haven't already. And how do I know this?

Well, this week the Salvation Army launched their first online store. And you know when charity op-shops see the benefit in shopping online, then it goes without saying, so is every other retailer.

Ok, it's a bit of tongue in cheek, but with the strong Aussie dollar and the recent news about the GST being exempt on overseas orders less than $1,000, Australian consumers are clearly going online for a bargain and it's great to see the Salvation Army engaging with online shoppers.

The site is a result of the Salvos community members suggestions, saying that "an online store would save them the hassle crawling through clothing rails."

You can buy a range of high-quality, boutique and rare items, such as vintage dresses and crockery with prices ranging from $2 to $1,250. You can visit the store at and purchases made before April 19 will receive free delivery.

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