Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pesky Self-Limiting Beliefs

It was during my twenties that I discovered the importance of identifying self-limiting beliefs. They're those ideas and notions we have which ultimately curtail our ability to succeed. After spending much time and thought on identifying those beliefs that were working for me and those that weren't, I managed to overcome a great many obstacles to achieve some extraordinary success in my life.

Today, many years later, I find myself again taking the time to review my beliefs and recognising those that are self-limiting. Like many people, as I've gotten older I've also become a little settled in my ways. I know the things I like and have worked out those I don't.

This of course is a trap.

It becomes so easy to stop doing things, achieving things, challenging yourself and creating new opportunities by creating these "settled ways". Ultimately it leads to the creation of a whole new set of beliefs that limit my potential and prevent me from making new successes and achievements.

Taking the time to reassess regularly through our lives is very important. Taking the time to review our belief system can be very rewarding – looking at what we like, what we don't, things we're prepared to do and things we're not – and seeing if they're simply self-limiting beliefs or attitudes that are keeping us back.

So now I've started to shake off the current crop of self-limiting beliefs I've built up and begin to get back in the game with new gusto and that "I can" attitude. Just doing that brings a smile and lifts the spirit.

Once again I begin to soar with the condor.

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