Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Art of the Quiet Achiever

There are many outcomes and desires we have in life and attaining success in our goals and achievements is one of the measures we use to guide us in determining just how accomplished we are and our life is.

Depending on who you are, your background and your value/belief structure, different areas of your life will be used to indicate success. For some this is money, for others it is to have travelled widely, yet others find great value in seeing a dream realised, while for many it is simply the connection to their family or community. We educate ourselves, make career decisions, follow journeys and embark upon adventures all with the underlying hope that they will succeed.

Life often has a different take on things and can very often play its hand to deliver challenges, obstacles and lessons which impact on our directions. These might change our original intentions and often play an important role in the outcome that is achieved.

The most important part, however, is not the destination but the journey. It is for this very journey we take through life that the notion of achieving our goals and successes with quiet resolve can prove extremely rewarding. To help with the, there are some tenets I've identified that can provide invaluable assistance to success.

Whether you measure success by material wealth, spiritual attainment, happiness, family cohesion, career achievements or whatever your meaning of success, these tenets can deliver invaluable input.

Tenets of the Quiet Achiever:

1.     Knowing the power of Manifesting
2.     Having a plan
3.     Taking incremental steps
4.     Learning life's lessons
5.     Being grateful
6.     Not attaching to outcomes
7.     Setting positive self-fulfilling prophecies
8.     Understanding the human condition
9.     Accepting the positive and the negative
10.   Minimising jinxing and bragging
11.   Understanding distraction and choice
12.   Being present to the now
13.   Being content with what is
14.   Tapping into the power of Serendipity

Of course, each of our journey's provides unique inspiration and understanding that is mixed with the collective experience of mankind. Over time, I'll be explaining my interpretation of these tenets, while also providing insight to other life examples as they occur. Whoever's reading this, I hope you find it of interest.

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